Sunday, March 9, 2008

That's a lotta snow!

**I wanted to post pictures, but it keeps saying there is a Google Server Error. I tried 3 times and am frustred. Hopefully I can post some soon.**

So, we got a sh*t-load of snow this weekend. And that's putting it mildly. I watched the Weather Channel this morning and they are saying we got anywhere from 15-20". I think it literally snowed for like 33 hours straight.

Saturday we went out in the midst of blizzard-like conditions to try and do some shoveling. Jackson had a blast playing in the snow. We'd run down our walkway, then flop in the big pile of snow at the end. We were supposed to go out to eat for BJ's birthday, which is Monday, but we were snowed in. Today I told BJ I would shovel the snow as a birthday present to him. I took about 3 swipes with the shovel and my neighbor came over with his snow blower and cleaned out my driveway. I think I heard angels singing and he may even been wearing a halo at the time. All I had to do was clean the cars off. We made a quick trip to Wal-mart today and the place was packed! I went there on Friday during my lunch break and the place was a madhouse. We went back after I got off work and it was even busier. In fact, the bread aisle had no bread! Today wasn't much better. They didn't have any meat and the shelves were a little sparse.

Now I am ready for Spring!


Lori_N said...

Eric went to Wal-Mart on Friday too and it was awful. He complained about the bread shortage too. There was no bread at Gardner's either...very strange :)

The Edwards said...

I really love snow but that was a lot at one time!