Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling Funk-y

I've been in a funk the last few days. Yesterday, I should have been in the hospital delivering a beautiful little baby, but instead, I was at work -- my uterus empty and my heart broken. Yes, Tuesday, March 25, 2008 should have been my due date.

I had been dealing with it semi-ok up until Saturday. My family was supposed to come up for Easter, but we ended up postponing it until this coming Saturday. I was hoping that having everyone at the house would prevent me from thinking about it so much, as that was all that was on my mind for the days leading up to Tuesday. I spent most of Saturday morning and afternoon in bed crying until my husband almost dragged me out of bed to get me out of the house. So the rest of Saturday was ok, then Sunday we dyed eggs and had our own little holiday celebration.

Today I'm doing a little better, not much, but a little. I felt bad last night; I was so impatient with Jackson and snapped at him often. He wanted me to play with him but all I wanted to do was sit in the recliner, watch Dr. Phil (coincidentally about women who were tired of being moms) and feel sorry for myself.

Everyone told me that with time I'd get over having a miscarriage or that it would get easier to deal with. I have yet to experience either of those. I think I just get better at hiding how I feel about the situation.

Then I think, 'is it fair of me to be so upset?'. I was only 6 weeks along and a baby never developed -- I was pregnant without a baby. So I didn't lose a baby. I just lost a "growth". Maybe that's what's hard to swallow. How can your body make you feel pregant -- your stomach swells, you have morning sickness and cravings, yet there's no baby? I constantly wonder: would it have been a girl or a boy? What would he/she looked like?

Luckily we start counseling next week so hopefully I can work through these issues. I feel like sometimes all I do is whine about it. So for those of you who read this and who I've whined to, I'm sorry.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope you all have a glorious Easter! My mom and grandparents are coming up on Saturday and we are all going to go to the egg hunt up town. This will be our first time going to the egg hunt as we are usually in my hometown for Easter and take Jackson to the one there.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chocolate Ass

I weighed myself on Sunday and had lost 4 pounds. I weighed myself this morning and had gained 2 pounds. Gained? Gained! My dear husband, God love him, reminded me it was water weight that I had initally lost.

I've also taken up drinking Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch. Yesterday I only did breakfast as I went out for lunch with friends. Fear not, I had a grilled chicken salad, but mostly just ate the chicken because the salad had raw onions in it. Gross.

So back to the Slim Fast. As I type this I am nourishing my body with the chocolate variety. I'm imagining it is a big glass of chocolate milk or better yet a Mudslide. But it's a difficult task because the consistency is thick and it tastes like ass. It tastes like an ass that is coated in chocolate. And the smell reminds me of a combination of body odor and nursing home. Nice.

Well, here's what I'm having to eat today:
Breakfast -- Slim Fast; 220 calories
Snack -- Organic yogurt; 110 calories
Lunch -- Slim Fast; half peanut butter (no jelly) sandwich; 400 calories
Snack -- Slim Fast Bar; 120 calories
Dinner -- Pasta (pasta buffet at work function -- I will limit myself!)

I'm not sure how this Slim Fast is going to work out for me. Granted, it's chock full o' nutrients. But it's also loaded with calories. My lunch today was 400 calories. 400 calories. Really? For a half pb sandwich and a glass of ass? I could have had a Pepsi and Lean Cuisine meal for that! I may cut out my afternoon snack.

I have noticed a little bit of a difference in the way my pants fit and when I sit down, I don't have quite the bulbous bulget that I once had.

Ok, back to the chocolate ass. Maybe if I added a little vodka to it, it would taste better. Good thing I have a flask in my desk drawer.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't want to be fat. I want to be PHAT.

So, I'm on a diet. Yes, I said the "d" word. I have decided that I am finally going to do something about this extra weight I've been carrying around for years. And, if I ever have another child, I do not want that weight packed on top of this flubber I have now. It all started about a week ago when I had a doctor's appointment and they made me step on the #$%@!&* scale. I could not believe what I saw.

I've begun counting calories. And I'm borderline obsessed with it. I started Monday (all diets start on Monday, right?) and did pretty good until after dinner. It was BJ's birthday and there was cake. So scratch Monday. Then yesterday I was feeling down so I grabbed some chocolate. Scratch Tuesday. But today I have done well. I had 1,310 calories today.

I'm having a hard time finding nutritious, low-calorie foods that will keep me feeling full. Here's what I had today:
Breakfast - English muffin, 1 tbsn peanut butter, yogurt, coffee
Lunch - Lean Cuisine meal
Dinner - 2 cups of Homemade mac & cheese, small piece of French bread, 1/4 cup orange sherbert

I did some online searches for healthy breakfast ideas, but most of them consisted of flaxseed and tofu. I'm sorry but I'm not that desperate to be thinner.

I didn't have any pop today, which helped me cut out 200 extra calories. I didn't plan our meals this week to be inline with my diet, so it will be a little tricky to not overdo it. I'm trying to stick to 1,000 calories a day. I was pretty hungry from about 2 p.m. until dinnertime today. I'm still hungry now, but I'm guzzling water to help me not think about it.

Tomorrow I am meeting two friends for lunch at a local bar. Not sure how I am going to eat low cal, but I may have to skimp on breakast and dinner. I've already decided that for dinner tomorrow night (chicken patties and fries) that I'm not going to eat a bun or mayo.

My goal is to lose 30-40 pounds. Hopefully by the time summer hits (or better yet I get pregnant) I'll have lost some weight.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

That's a lotta snow!

**I wanted to post pictures, but it keeps saying there is a Google Server Error. I tried 3 times and am frustred. Hopefully I can post some soon.**

So, we got a sh*t-load of snow this weekend. And that's putting it mildly. I watched the Weather Channel this morning and they are saying we got anywhere from 15-20". I think it literally snowed for like 33 hours straight.

Saturday we went out in the midst of blizzard-like conditions to try and do some shoveling. Jackson had a blast playing in the snow. We'd run down our walkway, then flop in the big pile of snow at the end. We were supposed to go out to eat for BJ's birthday, which is Monday, but we were snowed in. Today I told BJ I would shovel the snow as a birthday present to him. I took about 3 swipes with the shovel and my neighbor came over with his snow blower and cleaned out my driveway. I think I heard angels singing and he may even been wearing a halo at the time. All I had to do was clean the cars off. We made a quick trip to Wal-mart today and the place was packed! I went there on Friday during my lunch break and the place was a madhouse. We went back after I got off work and it was even busier. In fact, the bread aisle had no bread! Today wasn't much better. They didn't have any meat and the shelves were a little sparse.

Now I am ready for Spring!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mmmmm....Meal Plan Monday!

I am actually excited about the menu this week. Unfortunately, my husband is not. If anyone wants any recipes, let me know!

Sunday -- Beef enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans
Monday -- Italian sausage sandwiches (smothered in cheese and spaghetti sauce), fries
Tuesday -- Fiesta Mac & cheese, garlic bread
Wednesday -- French dip sandwiches, augratin potatoes
Thursday -- Hot 5 Bean Casserole (which is actually like a soup)
Friday -- Homemade sweet & sour chicken and fried rice (so excited to try this!)

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