Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Christmas Fun!

Jackson at lights at the zoo
Jackson with "lipstick" on - he took his red crayon and colored his lips
My friend's little girl and Jackson at the preschool program
Jackson, my step-dad and a giant gorilla that one of his friends put in his truck
BJ and Lucy chilling out after Christmas with BJ's family

Christmas 2007 round-up

Whew. This Christmas season has been busier than any I remember from the past. Earlier this month, we went to the Toledo Zoo to see the Christmas lights. It was gorgeous!! Jackson had a great time. Before we went to the zoo, we went to Abuelo's in Maumee where my sister is a waitress. She wasn't working that night but she met us there for dinner.

Jackson had his preschool Christmas program on the 20th. OMG, he was so cute I almost couldn't stand it. :) They did a Bible verse, a couple poems and a couple songs. I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed watching him. I couldn't believe that was my tiny boy up there. He did such a great job.

Christmas was fun this year, too. We started out with Christmas on the 22nd at my step-dad's, followed by BJ's side at our house the next day, then at my mom's the day after that, and then we had our's on Christmas Day. I was almost Christmased out!

I'm on vacation until January 2, but have hardly had any R&R. Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and getting a massage. I'm so looking forward to that!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jackson Looks More Like Me!

What Crappy Christmas Gift are You?

You Are Socks!

Cozy and warm... but easily lost.

You make a good puppet.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Poopin' ain't easy

Jackson did not want to go to bed tonight and said he had to go to the bathroom. I noticed it was awfully quiet and I go in the bathroom and find this. :) He was sound asleep. Thank goodness my toilet was clean. haha!