Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

So I am lying in bed this morning with Jackson watching The Weather Channel's Local on the 8's and they say it is -13 with a windchill of -34. I don't remember it ever being that cold out before. Although, I did read somewhere this past Summer that the Farmer's Almanac said this winter was going to be bitterly cold.

Anyway, while watching tv, I started to think about how lucky we are to the greatness that is Local on the 8's. Every eight minutes it tells us what the weather is in my town. Every. Eight. Minutes. I guiltily admit that there have been times that I have kept The Weather Channel on for an hour and just watched all the Local on the 8's that play in that time frame...that's five times. I feel that perhaps I am borderline obsessed with Local on the 8's. I watch it first thing in the morning, I watch it as soon as I get home from work, I watch it again before I lay clothes out for the next day, I watch it right after dinner and I watch it right before bed. Then it starts all over again.

But then, there are the times where The Weather Channel decides they have to play an actual show and then Local on the 8's doesn't come on! Seriously, I need my Local on the 8's fix. Why must they torture me like that? And my poor mother. She lives in the country and has a satellite dish ... her Weather Channel doesn't do a Local on the 8's. It just does an overview of the major metro cities. It doesn't have the catchy guy saying "Currently, it is -13 degrees in your area with partly sunny skies". Or better yet "The Week Ahead!"...the computerized male voice says it with such vigor.

Sigh. I *heart* you, Local on the 8's.


Sara said...

My four year old loves the weather also :)

Stayllo said...

Doug is obsessed with weather and I think he secretly wants to be a weather man :)