Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

So, I decided to take Jackson out in the snow to play this afternoon -- even took some vacation time from work. It started out great, but then the Toddler Monster paid us a visit. Oh goodness, he screamed and didn't want to wear his gloves. But, we got to play for about a half hour.

Jackson with the snowman we built. Jackson named him Bill.
BJ getting ready to drop a huge snowball on Jackson's head.
The Toddler Monster
Our snowy street


Stayllo said...

I just love snow pictures! I miss Jackson!!

Lori_N said...

Great pictures, Alex! Your street doesn't even look familiar with all that snow. I just love it when the snow sticks to everything. It's so pretty.

The Edwards said...

Great PICTURES, can't wait until we can go out again!!!