Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've been neglectful ...

... of my blog and I feel guilty. I haven't blogged in almost a month! I know that the two or three of you who read my blog must be dying to know what is happening in my life. haha!!

Actually, not much is going on. I went on a big shopping trip last weekend with my sister-in-law and got almost all my Christmas shopping done. I'll still go the day after Thanksgiving though, that's my favorite day to shop. :)

Other than that, I went to another Lifehouse concert on Oct. 29 and got to meet the band again. They totally remembered me (thanks to my friend, Jolene) and the lead singer even smiled and winked at us while he was on stage. Swoon. We had trick or treat -- Jackson was Scooby Doo. We had a great time and he got way too much candy!

And we recently took Jackson to see The Wiggles. He loved it and it was so sweet to see him dancing and singing the songs. I feel so fortunate that we were able to take him.

Well, that's a short wrap-up of what we've been up to!


Stayllo said...

I'm glad you decided to blog again :) Garrett would have loved Jackson's costume. He looked so cute. It looks like you guys are having fun as always.

Lori_N said...

It's about time, girlfriend :)